Integrating traditional whiteboard and projector functionalities into to a digital interactive board.


Can be used as projector screen, whiteboard, Interactive film and chalkboard. For both at school and at the office, through our interactive modules - formula and ideas generated and drawn on The Bound Board during classes, discussions, OKR sessions can be uploaded instantly and shared via cloud/email/instant messaging


  • 2-Way Interaction
  • Portable
  • No blue light
  • No electricity source required
  • Objectives, Ideation and notes can be highlighted and presented more efficiently. Post meeting notes and images can be uploaded instantly and shared via cloud/email and more.
  • Save classroom sessions and notes for reuse and sharing via email and more
  • Interactive Engagement Tool and in depth teaching with your students


Compatible with existing document software - Microsoft office, Adobe reader, paint and more

The Interactive Bound Board

  • Choice of A4 size and up

    Recommended (whiteboard size):

    Choice of 1.24/1.52m in height 

    Choice of 2.4/4.5 m in length

    Choice of Magnetic or Sticky backing.

    Of course customisation is welcome, drop us a DM and we'll get back to you with a quote!

  • Has to pair with Hexa Pen and projector for Interactive solution.

    Any projector will do (yes, even portable ones!)