*PharmCare Anti-Mosquito Repellent *Repel Aedes Mosquito *Protect against Dengue Zika *Protect up to 8 hours



World's first anti-mosquito repellent that also protects you from bacteria, fungi and virus. Sceintifically proen to repel mosquito including Aedes mosquito


Apply anti mosquito Repellent spray on yourself and kids to prevent being bitten by any mosquito including Aedes mosquito which is one of the most deadly in the world. Our special formulated repellent are DEET free and can last you up to 8 hours after applying. Additionally, it also helps protect you and your children from bacteria, fungi and virus.


Used in homes, kindergartens, theme parks and wildlife parks

  • Contains NO DEET(Pesticide) 
  • Protection up to 8 hours
  • Kills bacteria, fungi and Virus up to 99.999% - 24 hours

Effective up to 24 hours


Product of Singapore

Pharmcare bio-sheild Anti-microbial Multipurpose repellent Sanitizer

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