A highly concfentrated disinfectant for speial applications. Thanks to the active agent and depot effect. Bio-shield Super Air disinfectant & sanitizer has the highest efficacy against viruses like HFMD, Influenza A and bacteria like E-coli and many more


1. World's first Antimicrobial household cleaning product 

2. Scientifically proven to target and eliminate bacteria, fungi and virus up to 99.9999%

3. Kills HFMD, Covid-19, Influenza A, H1N1, H7N1, HIV Type I, E-Coli, MRSA and many more bacteria, fungi and virus.

4. Effective up to 24 hours after application.

5. Use by Singapore taxi company, kindergartens, hospitals etc -

Light peppermint fragrance


Product of Singapore

*Raved reviews from moms with children down with HFMD!


Pharmcare Anti-microbialsuper air sanitizer

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