What's up?


Heck yeah we do! The Bound Board has magnetic and non-magnetic options in all 5 colors.

Dark surface

Of course you can use it on a dark surface! It looks hella sweet too! Try checking out neon dry erase markers or liquid chalk markers. You just need water to erase those.


If you leave markings on the board for over 2 weeks, a mist of water will help it return to 100% If for some reason something is not erasing, it is likely that there could be some goop stuck to the Think Board. Try our white foam sponge, that should get the stuff right off. If colors aren’t cleaning properly, look out for our board cleaning solution. Just a couple drops will do. 

Just as rubbing alcohol dries out our skin, it may be a tad harsh on the board. We’ll try to avoid it.


Not Sticking!

Not all paints are the same. 99% of the time The Bound Board sticks. If for some reason yours fell down, send us an email and we’ll hook you up with a stronger replacement! If taping a poster up on your wall doesn’t stay for more than a day, it is unlikely the Bound Board would stick. The smoother the surface, the better.

Think board may not stick properly if:

Your walls are painted with mold/germ resistant paint, washable paint, or stain-release paint. The texture of your wall is similar or rougher than an orange peel. If you’re concerned, drop us a chat at www.theboundboard.com a photo of your wall and we’ll be able to tell you!

My wall!

If the wall is not primed properly OR If the walls were painted with latex paint OR If tape or other super removable adhesives peel the paint off your walls, The Bound Board probably would too.


We recommend keeping the board set up in 1 spot. Moving the board is difficult because you are essentially moving a massive sticker from place to place. If you’ve ever tried to use a piece of tape that was way too long and it got stuck to just about everything, then you know why we don’t recommend moving your Bound Board. If you give it a shot anyway and you succeed, send us photos! We’d love to share your tips and tricks!


Pull the board back on itself at a 180° angle slowly. There will be no evidence the board was ever there.


We’d recommend Pilot markers, still the best in the market. If you have your own markers, go ahead! We would advise to test in a corner before writing on the entire film!



Yes! You can cut The Bound Board to any size or shape you’d like to work on. Cutting with Scissors is fine. We'd recommend a utility knife and a straightedge to make sure it's a straight cut!


Don’t panic! The Bound Boards can get tossed around during shipping but never fear, once installed the wrinkles should generally smooth right out. If you are still having problems after the install chat us up on contact@theboundboard.com or our site!


There could be 2 reasons for this. The first would be there was too much tension during the install. The second could be due to drastic shifts in temperature/humidity. Either way, we recommend peeling the Think Board back up to the bubble and re-smoothing it onto the wall. Be careful not to stick the adhesive sides together when adjusting!

If this doesn’t solve your problem, chat us up on contact@theboundboard.com or our site!


Wanna get your logo on The Bound Board? Sure you can! Chat us up on contact@theboundboard.com or our site!

Not in Singapore?

Give us a holler and we’ll see how we can work something out at contact@theboundboard.com or our site!