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unbound creativity • unbound innovation

unbound creativity • unbound innovation

The Bound Board Interactive series saw a great demand in the education sector. 

The ease of combining traditional whiteboard, projector functionalities turning into a digital interactive board. Through our interactive modules - formula and ideas generated and drawn on The Bound Board during classes or during meetings can be captured electronically and shared online to all parties.

We have now expanded a NEW lineup to our 'boundby' series to target note writers! Easy, on the go reusable films that can be utilized anywhere and on any surfaces. On the fridge? of course. On a table? Hell yea! On the walls or ceiling or as a portable notepad? YES, YES, YES!


'Boundby' Series

Ball point, pencil, stylus. Interchangeable tip allows multiple functionalities to be used on Interactive & 'boundby' films

Repurpose old white boards with our 'boundby' films!

The Pen

Perfect surface for the kiddos!

On floors, walls, so easy to clean off, reusable and eco-friendly!


Enhances brainstorming sessions, interactive learning and in-depth teaching

Teacher can view work and answering process of each student to notice learning difficulties. This increases learning and teaching effectiveness

cloud sharing

E-books & document compatible.
Digitally saved writings can be transferred and shared wirelessly via cloud, email or even Instant Message


 Over 70 functionalities! Designs, colors, brush type, tools.

Also suitable for as a whiteboard, blackboard or projection screen


Simple to install and Ultra- low maintenance

Can be placed on whiteboards, blackboards, glass and walls. 

Yes its portable!


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